Hello, my name is Jeff Long, owner and steward of Nevada Structure Movers. Since we opened for business in 2003, we have done some exciting projects. I am excited to say that we have saved a few hundred buildings over the years. This collaborative effort is based on our company, and our customers as well. Not always is it about the financial gains that a project is pursued. Thank you in advance for helping reduce the footprint we all make. If you have questions or are looking for a ballpark price, don’t hesitate to give a call. I would love to share some knowledge toward your project.

Below are some reasons for which calling a structure mover is needed:

  1. When a home or building is subject to dangers such as flooding, Nevada Structure Movers can relocate the structure to higher ground or raise it above the flood  line. We have a Unified Jacking Machine which is essential for the proper lift of FEMA government projects!
  2. If a  State, City, and/or County choose to widen their  roads or develop new shopping centers, highways, and  subdivisions;
  3. It’s more environmentally friendly to recycle a home or  building instead of demolishing it;
  4. Nevada Structure Movers raises and shores buildings to  enable owners to build a new living space underneath. The lot size restrictions make a lift addition far more appealing.
  5. Historical structures are moved in order to preserve the past
  6. Because of excessive settling, Nevada Structure Movers can raise and level your home to a level, livable condition; and, we raise buildings to repair or replace existing  foundations.