Chris de RouletWhat Are 3 Reasons Why You Should Hire Nevada Structure Movers?

I called Jeff (the owner) to ask about moving my log cabin RV trailer onto a permanent foundation. Jeff was immediately responsive. He answered my call while out in the field and took the time to fully answer every question I asked.

On moving day, Jeff showed up as promised (somewhat rare in Lake Tahoe)…did what he promised…and charged a reasonable price. My General Contractor almost never says anything nice about anybody; but even he said that Jeff is a hard worker that clearly knows what he is doing and was three eighths of an inch off from absolute perfection on the move.

I couldn’t be happier with the work Jeff did, why? Three reasons:

  1. Jeff is extremely responsive and customer focused. He shows up on time and does exactly what he says he’ll do.
  2. Jeff is extraordinarily competent. He uses a proprietary, patented system that he personally designed to move structures with care.
  3. Jeff’s price was very competitive for the services he performed.

The bottom line is…would I use him again? Without question.